EP32 / Rural area II / Reference pack

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192 photos and 3 panoramas
JPG, 4608 x 3072 px

This pack features photo references of the countryside environment (village streets, abandoned and living houses, wood and stone buildings, farmers households, various stuff related to agriculture, a little bit of nature and animals) in overcast lighting during autumn and winter. It depicting Eastern Europe based depressive post-apocalypse dystopian atmosphere similar to Stalker or Metro 2033 set.

Images Preview and Panoramas Preview

Details and Features:

  • Chromatic aberrations and lens distortion was removed;

  • Original metadata, where you can find focal length and technical info;

  • JPG files are 8-bit and converted from the original raw files;

  • 12-bit DNG files are available on demand.

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195 royalty-free photo references of the Easter Europe village

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EP32 / Rural area II / Reference pack

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