EP06 / Turkey — Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara / Reference pack

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This pack is representing 378 photos and 14 panoramas of ancient and modern Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya cities) and was gathered to be used as a source for matte painting and concept art. For personal and commercial usage.

The pack includes:

  • Istanbul ancient (186 photos);
  • Istanbul cityscape (27 photos, 6 panoramas);
  • Ankara ancient (36 photos);
  • Ankara cityscape (8 photos, 1 panorama);
  • Antalya ancient (51 photos);
  • Antalya nature (70 photos, 7 panoramas).

    Images Preview 01, Images Preview 02 and Panoramas Preview.


  • Original metadata, where you can find focal length and technical info;
  • Time, day, month and year of the shot are marked in the file name (if you need, for example, "winter sunset");
  • Chromatic aberrations, camera distortion, flying birds and some of the wires was removed.


  • Photos are 4608 x 3072 px;
  • JPG files are 8-bit and converted from the original raw files.

Visit Source Photos for more reference packs.
For questions and suggestions — hello.source.photos@gmail.com

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EP06 / Turkey — Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara / Reference pack

0 ratings
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